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Location / Currency


Please kindly do understand that, considering that since 2006 I am located in Switzerland/Ticino, the pricing is shown in Swiss Francs (CHF).


Of course any other currency (e.g. EUR) will be accepted, via Paypal payment, Bank transfer or cash payment



How things started


In the past I was told quite often that pregnancy can be the most creative time of a woman. And yes, indeed it was the case while beeing pregnant with my little daughter Mathilda. I loved creating things for her. The first Worry Eater was still a little abstract but she loved it.


Once she turned 2 years old, the first hobbyhorse was a full success. And still now, more than 2 years later, the loves playing with it and there is no other toy that can't be touched by another kid.


Designing creative things became a real passion for the world of our kids - a colorful and happy world. Thanks to my husband and my two kids, that convinced me to continue with my passion, a dream came true and I simply love my live, desinging new stuff for kids & Mummys and spending time with my amazing family !


It will be a pleasure for me to create personalized things for you and you can be sure that it's done with love !

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